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TronPizzeria RULES

After purchase a pizza, price on it will rise by 33%.
You can change your pizza for TWO with price divided by 2.
You can change your pizza for TWO, only if its price >= 200 TRX.
You will the recipient of the dividends from reselling those two pizzas (2.5%).

Also you will get PZT tokens after a pizza purchasing.

PZT tokens can be:
1. Burned for dividends.
2. Sold on decentralized exchanges.
3. Used in the tokens auction.
4. Used for some pizzas purchasing.

Attention! Change ONE pizza for TWO have the commission - 1% from pizza's price (but minimum 100 TRX).

Sales commission: 2.5% to administration + 2.5% to pizza's creater + 1% to PZT dividents + 4% to JACKPOT.

JACKPOT timer is 12 hours. The last buyer will get JACKPOT in 12 hours.


The next BET = 100 PZT

The auction countdown:

10 last BETS will get rewards!
Each follow BET will rise rewards!

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